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Eagle Innovations has been serving the Healthcare I.T. industry for nearly 30 years.  When it’s time to evaluate the risks associated with outsourcing, experience matters, and we’re proud to stand among a very few leaders in the industry with true longevity and legacy.

That said, wouldn’t it be nice if you could truly eliminate the risk of working with a new vendor, and try their services before you commit for the long haul?

We think so.

Outsourcing your paper claims conversion to a third party vendor is a big decision.  What if they don’t perform?  What if they underperform?  What if their support just isn’t what you would expect from a world-class vendor?  Eliminating paper is a transformative process that, when done well, can create tons of staffing bandwidth and scalability for your organization.  Done poorly, it can be a disaster.

We will convert up to a full week of claims to HIPAA compliant EDI for you absolutely free.

We want to demonstrate to you how liberating it can be when paper conversion is not only done well, but seamlessly, with care, precision, and reliability.

Eagle offers any prospective P2E client the opportunity to try before you buy.  We will convert up to a full week of claims to HIPAA compliant EDI for you absolutely free, with no long-term commitment required.  All that’s required is a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and local PC installation of our imaging and transmission application.

Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate as much risk from the process of working with a new paper-to-EDI vendor as possible?

Contact Eagle today, and let’s get started.  We can begin processing trial claims for you in as little as one business day.

Want to learn more first?

Discover the P2E difference.

Discover how our our double-blind-key, double-verify solution results in claims EDI that exceeds a 99.9% accuracy level.  Find out about how Eagle never nickels-and-dimes its clients with setup fees, fees for new business rules processing, fees for exception handling workflows, and fees for changes to HIPAA EDI compliance methodologies.  Finally, read about how simple it is to get started with P2E, and learn about our astonishingly rapid 7-day implementation process.