Customization Included


What you need is what P2E delivers.

No matter how “standard” the healthcare EDI world has become, the needs of your organization may differ from the needs of another.  Not all adjudication systems and methodologies are the same, and converted paper claims come with their own set of challenges.  Eagle has never charged setup fees for a customized P2E implementation, nor for making business rules and workflow adjustments on the fly.


As a standard part of our implementation process, we will create specific processing rules that are tailored to fit the needs of your organization – at no extra charge.

What kinds of rules?  

– Would you like normalization of addresses against your provider database?

– Would you like claims with missing data rejected, flagged, or added to a separate workflow queue?

– Would you prefer to receive your data in a different format, rather than EDI?  Would you like claims loaded via an API, secure file transfer, or other process?

– How do you handle conflicting data?  Bad procedure codes?  Illegible fields?  Which potential errors are critical to you, which are nominal?

Every client has their own way of doing things.

Eagle is experienced in handling these kinds of customizations and hundreds more, and the one constant we’ve encountered in the millions upon millions of claims we’ve processed since 2002 is this: every client has their own way of doing things.

We want to become more than just an inbound data stream to you; we want to become your total paper elimination partner.  To do that well we know we need to be flexible, and we know that adapting to changing conditions is just a part of doing good business.

Are there any examples of workflow changes that could require a customization fee?  Maybe.  But since 2002, we’ve yet to encounter one.


Find out what it’s like to partner with a company that’s flexible, agile, and capable – and doesn’t nickel and dime you with exorbitant consulting fees.  Contact Eagle today today and start experiencing the P2E difference for yourself.