99.9% Accuracy

accuracy-4Accuracy matters: P2E provides true 99.9%+ accuracy.

If you have any experience with OCR, you know that an accurately converted claim, or document of any kind, is the exception – not the norm.  Optical Character Recognition has come a long way, but it still requires armies of verifiers to manually review the output, and even a double-blind verification process can result in a deluge of errors.  The best OCR solutions that include “vertext” today claim accuracy levels of 98%.  With Eagle and P2E, a 98% accuracy rating would be considered a complete and absolute failure.

Repeatedly audited to over 99.9% accuracy.

Why?  Because it is.  There are hundreds of fields on an institutional healthcare claim.  A 98% accuracy rating virtually guarantees that every single claim will contain an error.  What kind of error?  Is it a minor mistake, or a critical failure?  Will it cause a claim to pay incorrectly, or reject incorrectly, or trigger an internal process that requires more labor from your already highly taxed staff?

…only 6 errors found in ten thousand claims.

In an audit conducted by a P2E client over 10,000 converted paper claims, Eagle achieved a claim-level accuracy rating of 99.94% – that means that only 6 errors were found in ten thousand claims.

The P2E process is extremely labor-intensive, and extremely precise.  All fields on all claims are keyed twice, blindly by two different personnel, and electronically compared for accuracy.  Any errors identified are then double-blind verified – meaning in order for you to receive an error on a claim, two separate individuals must make the exact same data entry error, and when one error is made, two separate individuals would need to then make the same inaccurate correction.  Some vendors make claims on their websites like, “Up to 99% Accuracy”…what does that even mean?  With P2E, accurately converted claims are the norm, and errors are what they should be – an anomaly.  OCR simply cannot compete with the accuracy of P2E.

Some vendors will make claims like, “Up to 99% Accuracy.”  What does that even mean?

If you’re interested in learning about how much time, money, and risk conversion errors are costing you, contact us now, and let us get you on the road to not only being paper free, but error free.