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Eagle Innovations, Inc. has been a leader in the Healthcare Technology sector for over 30 years, revolutionizing the field with its first offering in 1986, EDE, the world's first healthcare interface engine. Since 2002, Eagle's P2E service has converted millions of paper healthcare claims to HIPAA compliant EDI electronic format for payers and Third Party Administrators.

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Healthcare Claims News

Articles and news related to claims processing and Healthcare Information Technology

ByEagle Innovations Oct 14, 2016

OCR Versus Manual Data Entry

When a company is comparing OCR versus manual data entry as a solution for converting paper to electronic media, there are really only three fa

Third Party Administrators - The Claims Round Table
ByEagle Innovations Aug 1, 2016

Third Party Administrators: Claims Round Table

The Third Party Administrators industry is a crowded one.  According to Judy Diamond and Associates, an accepted authority on U.S. Party Admi